GS Millwork

Hardwood S4S Trimboards

Precision End-Trimmed and End-Stamped with length designation, we can supply any one of our stock sizes and species or custom specification your project requires.

Poplar S4S

Poplar S4S

White to tan in color, straight grained, crisp & versatile, ideal for painting

Available Lengths: 8’ - 16’

*Specified lengths and long lengths available upon request

Red Oak

Red Oak S4S

Reddish brown in color, tight grained, durable, ideal for finish and stain

Available Lengths: 8’ - 16’

White Oak

White Oak S4S

Light brown in color, strong, beautiful, rot resistant, finishes and stains exceptionally well

Available Lengths: 6’ - 16’ (Heavy 6’ - 12’, Minimal 13’ - 16’)

Hard Maple

Hard Maple S4S

White to pinkish-tan in color, extremely strong and versatile, great for both staining and painting

Available Lengths: 8’ - 16’ (Heavy 8’ - 12’, Minimal 13’ - 16’)


Cherry S4S

Pinkish-brown in color, straight grained, beautiful machining and finishing qualities

Available Lengths: 8’ - 16’ (Heavy 8’ - 12’ , Occasional 13’ - 16’)


Sapele S4S

Dark reddish-brown in color, unique grain structure, unmistakable in its beauty, outstanding wood for both interior and exterior applications

Available Lengths: 8’ - 16’


Walnut S4S

Light to dark chocolate brown in color, dense and tight grained, one of the most sought-after wood species, bold and rich when stained or clear coated 

Available Lengths: 6’ - 16’ (Heavy 6’ - 12’ , Occasional 13’ - 16’)